Claude Rallins 2018 SOCAL

If you've heard the term 'Smooth Jazz', or of the widely used anti-war slogan NO BLOOD FOR OIL, then you know of coinage work by Claude Rallins. Environmental campaigns he launched, from Poison Playground to preventing 'Retail Rate' mass incineration, Helped Millions. Saved Billion$.

A few years out of high school, Rallins opened the first video resume company, VESS Inc., and introduced "Smooth Jazz" radio with Windwalk Cafe / aka The Wind, on KRCL public radio in 1979. Other highlights include producing and hosting The Job Channel on Chicago broadcast TV in the '80's. Greenpeace Live on Chicago cable TV, and U.N. Radio Chicago, in the 1990's.

Claude also created Greenpeace ActionLine, an impactful local-global phone-casting to voice action tool, featuring Action Alerts recorded in his home studio. Online in '99, with Sonic Sanctuary - a pioneering audio website. In 2009, he introduced and operated the 1st streaming in-room hotel TV channel service, L.A. LIVELY; for Sheraton L.A.

A futurist, Claude foresaw global streaming TV in the 'dial-up' days and took 1st mover advantage to secure premium TV channel & media domain assets. Working some, like Species TV, to help get the word out. And, finding respectable homes for others. Please. Make respectable offers.

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