If you've heard the term 'Smooth Jazz', or of the popular anti-war slogan NO BLOOD FOR OIL, then you know of coinage work by Claude Rallins. The environmental campaigns he launched, from Poison Playground to preventing 'Retail Mass Incineration', Helped Millions. Saved Billion$. And, ignited the "Silver Shovel" Federal sting operation that exposed illegal dumping and political corruption in Chicago.

A few years out of high school, Rallins opened the first video resume company, VESS Inc., and introduced "Smooth Jazz" radio with Windwalk Cafe aka The Wind, on KRCL public radio in 1979. Other highlights include producing and hosting The Job Channel on Chicago broadcast TV, The International Black Gents on Chicago Cable TV in the 1980's. Greenpeace Live TV, and U.N. Radio Chicago, in the 90's.

Claude co-created Greenpeace ActionLine, an impactful local-global phone-casting to voice-action tool, featuring Action Alerts recorded in his studio. A Greens Party Environmentalist of The Year winner. And, EPA 'Citizens Chair' Honoree. He went online in '99 with Sonic Sanctuary -a pioneering audio website. Claude also once owned and operated a mountain top B&B for hikers. In 2009, Rallins introduced and operated the first streaming in-room hotel TV channel service, L.A. LIVELY, for Sheraton.

Prior to becoming an independent media producer Rallins enjoyed a variety of job titles; Hilton Hotel bartender, U.S. Marine, R&D Chemistry Lab Technician, Art Gallery Administrator. And, Claude fondly remembers his first (real) job bagging groceries after he walked-out of the orphanage he was raised at from the age of four.

A futurist, connecting the past, Claude originated the Crystal Fossil hypothesis declaring the legacy of 'contact' is etched in stone. He also talks about how appreciating the spectrums that grow from the black ecologies of space and soil explains diversity and can help heal our fracturing human ecology.

Rallins foresaw global TV streaming in the web's 'dial-up' days and invested in premium TV and media domain properties to secure that vision and empower his productions. Working some, like Species TV to continue getting the word out, while finding respectable homes for others.

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Claude Rallins
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